Why I write.

Writing can give life to words that we cannot bear to speak and ideas we cannot contain. It can change minds, entertain, tear the world apart, and piece it back together. Writing can be stressful to some, and yet therapeutic to others. It can both save and destroy a life. Writing on its own is many things, but writing from experience is powerful.

Mistakes, successes, regrets, relationships, decisions, consequences are just a few of many experiences we will all have. Those who have been in our shoes before often present warnings, suggestions, and even encouragement based on their experiences. It is a natural occurrence for people to use the knowledge they have required to influence others in life’s many circumstances. This is what makes me want to share portions of my life, pieces of my own writing, and challenges I am facing.

Those who may read this might not be able to relate, they might find some comfort in knowing they are not alone, or could just need something to distract them from life.  Some of the topics I will discuss come from a place of vulnerability that I hope others find helpful, but may also contain mature content that some people might find triggering.  I look forward to mentioning my shortcomings and my past with all who read in an attempt to Write my Wrongs. 

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